Allergy Mom Video: Taste-Testing Milk-Free and Nut-free Sorbets

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Published: July 31, 2023

It’s time for Part 2 of Allergic Living’s frozen dessert challenge. For this round, contributor Megan Lavin’s sons test out allergy-friendly sorbets. 

Recently, the Lavin kids lent their tastebuds to review allergy-friendly ice creams for their mom’s Megan’s Minute video series. That chilly challenge was very popular and eye-opening for Allergic Living followers. So Megan thought it would be fun and helpful to do a second taste test. 

This time the focus is on allergy-friendly sorbet options you can find at many grocery stores. 

“Sorbet is probably the most allergy-friendly” of ice cream choices, notes Megan in relation to basic ingredients. “So we thought it would be great to try taste-testing those as well.”

Megan divides Allergic Living’s frozen treat contenders into four flavor groups: raspberry, strawberry, mango and miscellaneous. This is a “blinded taste test” – she scooped the allergy-friendly sorbet into plastic cups, so her two boys wouldn’t know which brand they were sampling. 

Now, some details on the taste test challenge, Part 2.

Allergy-Friendly Sorbet Contenders

The sorbets Megan selected to compare are free of the Top 9 allergens as ingredients. However, Megan contacted The Frozen Farmer brand because of a warning that their products are “made in a facility that processes milk, egg, soy, wheat, peanuts and tree nuts.” The Frozen Farmer says of their manufacturing facility: “Cross-contamination risk is extremely low due to the heavy sanitization standards that must be maintained to be HACCP and SQF level one-certified.” 

The company representative said the warning is on the label simply because the facility is not dedicated allergen-free. (The sorbets are labeled dairy-free and gluten-free.) The representative also said allergen-containing products are produced on different days and mostly on separate lines. We were satisfied by the brand’s assurances on cross-contact, but fully disclose since food allergy families have different comfort zones.

Onto the sorbet taste-test categories and contenders.  

Category No. 1 – Raspberry
The competitors are: Häagen-Daz, Talenti, The Frozen Farmer.

Category No. 2 – Strawberry 
Two Frozen Farmer flavors go head-to-head: Strawberry vs. Strawberry Lemonade.

Category No. 3 – Mango
Talenti takes on The Frozen Farmer.

Category No. 4 – Miscellaneous
The Frozen Farmer flavors compete: Peach vs. Watermelon & Cherry.

Tune into the video to find out the Allergic Living judges’ winners. Plus, they include their overall top choice. 

Sorbets: Creamy vs. Icy

Megan found it most interesting her younger son, who can have dairy, leaned to the creamier sorbets (Talenti, Häagen-Daz). But her older son, who is allergic to dairy, gravitated toward The Frozen Farmer, which is an icier brand.

“That’s why I’m happy that allergy-friendly brands keep expanding to meet the diverse crowd we are in the food allergy community,” says Megan. “Not all ‘free-from’ people like the same things.”

Megan, who’s known for her recipe website, hopes these two taste-test challenges prove helpful for allergy moms and allergic adults. 

As her sons with food allergies know well, “it’s a thrill when you have a limited diet, and you can find new things.”  

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