Megan’s Advice: How to Host or Attend Big Gatherings

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Published: May 27, 2022

Grilling season is upon us, and that means big gatherings with family or friends. From Memorial Day on through Labor Day, barbecue get-togethers are happening continuously. While they should be fun and memorable, group events can present a big challenge when your family is managing food allergies.

Fortunately, in this installment of Allergic Living’s video series “Megan’s Minute,” allergy mom Megan Lavin is here with creative solutions to stay safe – and still enjoy the party.

In the video, the blogger known for, focuses on two main areas: hosting the big party, and attending a big gathering.  

1. Hosting the Barbecue

In the video, Megan looks at hosting the party. This is optimal for controlling what food is served. Megan covers:

• Her two main make-ahead menus, which save time and keep hosting from becoming a chore.
• Handling issues like dairy-free butter and gluten-free buns.
• Simplifying sides and snacks.
• Fun and easy menu idea: the taco bar.
• Dessert: in summer, fruit can be your friend.

2. Attending a Gathering

Megan also discusses the importance of having some trusted family members or friends who can take a turn hosting. In the video, she covers:

• What to bring – hint: lots of safe sides.
• How to work with a close friend or relative as the host.
• How to use their grill without cross-contact.

As Megan says, “if you’re the host it is a lot of work – to clean both before and after. So that’s why it’s nice to find your own tribe, those who are willing to work with you. Then ownership of hosting isn’t always on you.”

But she also explains that it’s a process, and if you haven’t reached the stage of having people you can trust to be precise about allergens you’re avoiding, then she suggests other ways they can help when you’re the host.

This video will help to inspire and empower you. Even with multiple food allergies, such as Megan’s two boys have, it is definitely possible to hold or attend a big party.

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