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Talking Food Allergy

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Host Jen Jobrack and guests candidly discuss food allergy issues, with insights to make lives more inclusive and fulfilling.

Food Label Troubles: From Big Allergen Recalls to Grocery Store Gaps
Talking Food Allergy

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Food Challenges You, But It Can Also Change You

If you could get one allergen back in your diet, what would it be? For me, the answer was always “avocado”. And miraculously, it happened.

The Food Allergy Girl – Who Nobody Gets

I have EoE, a food allergy that’s so tough to define. Fortunately, my efforts to explain it – even to puzzled servers – are getting better.

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Teens & College

Staring Down the Food Allergy Bully, In a Way That Wins

My daughter was given her big moment to sit face-to-face, with the bully. “I wanted to show him – he didn’t have the power.”

Adult Allergies

Nut-Allergic and Vegetarian: Hurdles in a Happy Decision

In the past year, I’ve tried doing something that I always thought was next…

Adult Allergies
Amanda and Brandon at his graduation.

How Not to Talk to Your Date About Food Allergies

My dating life got off to a truly awkward start due to food allergies. Fortunately, allergies didn’t phase my future husband.