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Matt Barber in New Jersey.

I Was Reacting When I Learned: Ambulances Don’t All Carry Epi

Not all ambulances have epinephrine and not all first responders can use it, as this writer learned the hard way.

Dining with food allergies.

U.K. Trip: A Taste of Better Dining Out with Food Allergies

Servers and menus were allergy-aware. Newer U.K. allergy laws, which still need improvement, reveal what North America could do.

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First trip.

My First Trip as a Food-Allergic Teen Was an Eye-Opener

Through minor reactions and having to go hungry, I learned that managing allergies on a road trip requires more work than I realized.

Adult Allergies

From ‘Phantom’ Reactions to Taming My Food Allergy Anxiety

As someone with allergies to tree nuts and peanuts, I can attest: food allergy…

Managing Allergies

Life with Food Allergies: the Struggle is Real, But Getting Better

For a teen, food allergies are hard. There’s the food you can’t have, the allergy ‘jokes,’ the anxiety. Will things get better? Well, I can say, they do.