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Talking Food Allergy

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Host Jen Jobrack and guests candidly discuss food allergy issues, with insights to make lives more inclusive and fulfilling.

Food Label Troubles: From Big Allergen Recalls to Grocery Store Gaps
Talking Food Allergy

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Denise Saldate

After Tragedy, Mom’s Warning About the Dentist

After her daughter died of anaphylaxis to a dairy-filled toothpaste, this mom’s goal in life is raise awareness of dentist office risks.

Staring Down the Food Allergy Bully, In a Way That Wins

My daughter was given her big moment to sit face-to-face, with the bully. “I wanted to show him – he didn’t have the power.”

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Beware the food allergy perils in boozy parties and hook-ups. But you can find a date who finds you interesting, allergies and all.

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What It Felt Like to Have COVID-19 with Asthma

Within 3 days, the virus took hold, with fever and difficulty breathing. As someone with asthma, the specter of hospitalization hung over each hour.

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A Mexican chef working in an authentic Mexican restaurant kitchen

I Admit It – I Was Foolish About My Food Allergies

I had become dangerously relaxed about my food allergies. Then one night forever changed my foolish attitude.