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Talking Food Allergy

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Host Jen Jobrack and guests candidly discuss food allergy issues, with insights to make lives more inclusive and fulfilling.

Talking Food Allergy
Talking Food Allergy
Food Label Troubles: From Big Allergen Recalls to Grocery Store Gaps
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Food Challenges You, But It Can Also Change You

If you could get one allergen back in your diet, what would it be? For me, the answer was always “avocado”. And miraculously, it happened.

Dairy Allergy as an Adult Rocked My World

The milk allergy diagnosis as an adult was a shocker. At first I felt desperate, but then I got busy working on my “new normal”.

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I crossed the Ponte Vecchio in Florence for the second time that day. The…

Kids’ Allergies

Friend’s Texts Brought This Food Allergy Mom to Tears

I was brought to tears, not just because Lexi wanted to cook dinner for my allergic family. It was her texts revealing – she could keep us safe.

Managing Allergies

Life with Food Allergies: the Struggle is Real, But Getting Better

For a teen, food allergies are hard. There’s the food you can’t have, the allergy ‘jokes,’ the anxiety. Will things get better? Well, I can say, they do.