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My Heart Pizza Reaction in Italy

I crossed the Ponte Vecchio in Florence for the second time that day. The…

First trip.

My First Trip as a Food-Allergic Teen Was an Eye-Opener

Through minor reactions and having to go hungry, I learned that managing allergies on a road trip requires more work than I realized.

Dining with food allergies.

UK Trip Gives Taste of Better Dining

Servers and menus were allergy-aware. Newer U.K. allergy laws, which still need improvement, reveal what North America could do.

Awkward Moments in Allergy Dining

Informing a server of my food allergies can stop the table’s conversation, shift all focus to me, and cue ‘jokes’. Here’s how I avoid this trap.

My Quest for Safe Coffee

I have to have morning coffee. But at the friends’ cottage, the kettle was dairy-contaminated, and the mugs were dodgy, too. What to do?

Going Vegetarian with a Nut Allergy

In the past year, I’ve tried doing something that I always thought was next…

Will Restaurants Still Welcome the Allergic

My mantra has always been that my food allergies will not hold me back…

Elegant styled table setting with gold and white dishware, roses and glitter.

Can't Take Me Anywhere

My plan for the engagement dinner was to casually whip out my own safe food. It seemed a good idea, until the cutlery caper began.

A Reaction, Then Off to Europe

Mere weeks after in-flight anaphylaxis, I would fly to Europe for a internship. I was panicked, but I did it – and the trip was life-changing.

Overly busy restaurant kitchen.

Restaurants: Get Serious!

Here’s my radical notion: it’s time for the restaurant industry to take greater ownership of keeping diners with food allergies safe.