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EoE: It's So Hard to Explain

I have EoE, a food allergy that’s so tough to define. Fortunately, my efforts to explain it – even to puzzled servers – are getting better.

Teen Life: Allergies Are So Hard

For a teen, food allergies are hard. There’s the food you can’t have, the allergy ‘jokes,’ the anxiety. Will things get better? Well, I can say, they do.

Coming Home to Allergy Perils

It was a shock to learn that nuts had become a staple of my family’s diet. Back from college for COVID-19, I had to be on alert.

Tips for Dating in College

Beware the food allergy perils in boozy parties and hook-ups. But you can find a date who finds you interesting, allergies and all.

A Reaction, Then Off to Europe

Mere weeks after in-flight anaphylaxis, I would fly to Europe for a internship. I was panicked, but I did it – and the trip was life-changing.

Amanda and Brandon at his graduation.

How Not to Date with Food Allergies

My dating life got off to a truly awkward start due to food allergies. Fortunately, allergies didn’t phase my future husband.

Facing Off with The Bully

My daughter was given her big moment to sit face-to-face, with the bully. “I wanted to show him – he didn’t have the power.”