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Taming 'Phantom' Reactions

As someone with allergies to tree nuts and peanuts, I can attest: food allergy…

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Ice Cream Shops Spell Allergy Trouble

As someone with a severe nut allergy, I have learned to be vigilant about…

workplace food allergies

Off to Work with Food Allergies

After many years of school, I have finally graduated (for the last time) and…

Awkward Moments in Allergy Dining

Informing a server of my food allergies can stop the table’s conversation, shift all focus to me, and cue ‘jokes’. Here’s how I avoid this trap.

My Quest for Safe Coffee

I have to have morning coffee. But at the friends’ cottage, the kettle was dairy-contaminated, and the mugs were dodgy, too. What to do?

Going Vegetarian with a Nut Allergy

In the past year, I’ve tried doing something that I always thought was next…

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Why Rust Grew on My Allergy Skills

My pandemic bubble was also a “food allergy bubble.” On the ski trip, I learned I was painfully out of practice with ordering safe food.

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Not Sorry for My Allergies

In my culture, apologizing is as much a part of life as having a cup of tea. How I learned to stop saying ‘sorry’ for my food allergies.

My Food Challenge Success

If you could get one allergen back in your diet, what would it be? For me, the answer was always “avocado”. And miraculously, it happened.

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Can't Take Me Anywhere

My plan for the engagement dinner was to casually whip out my own safe food. It seemed a good idea, until the cutlery caper began.