Allergic Living Special Edition e-Magazine – Now Launched!

Introducing the digital "next generation" of Allergic Living. With fresh content, advice and outstanding reporting, in a digital format you can read on all your devices.

Allergic Living is undergoing a transition to a fully digital format. As of August 2019, we offer subscribers the first of our new Allergic Living e-magazines. These superb "special edition" publications take the place of the former Allergic Living print magazine. Each e-magazine is a standalone "big topic" guide, reporting in-depth on an important allergy topic, featuring expert guidance and journalistic investigation.

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Inside e-Magazine No. 1

Food Allergy Anxiety Guide

Meet families dealing with the aftermath of multiple reactions, food phobias, even PTSD. Hear our experts' podcast on ways to identify and greatly reduce allergy anxiety. Plus articles on those who've triumphed over allergy fears; advice to de-stress, and more.


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