Food Allergy

Is it Possible to Tell if a Child Has a Food Allergy That’s ‘Not Severe’? 

Q: I often have people say that, “unlike your son, my child’s allergy is not that severe.” My understanding is that there is no way to know if a reaction will be life-threatening, regardless of past reaction experience. What do you advise saying to people who believe an allergy is “not severe”? Dr. Sharma: You are absolutely… Read more »

Which Test is the Most Reliable to Know if a Child Has Really Outgrown a Food Allergy?

Q: Our 6-year-old was diagnosed as a toddler with multiple food allergies, following trial and error with food introduction. His allergies range from the usual suspects (dairy, eggs, peanut) to the more obscure (poultry, some legumes and garlic). We’d like to retest to see if he’s outgrown some of these, but with such a long… Read more »

Can Someone Develop EoE During OIT Desensitization Therapy?

Q: I’m encouraged about oral immunotherapy for peanut allergy and my 13-year-old is considering whether she would take part in a local trial. My biggest concern is: how great is the risk of developing (EoE) or eosinophilic esophagitis, which I’m told can develop during this therapy? Dr. Sicherer: Eosinophilic esophagitis is akin to having a rash… Read more »

Could My Child’s Tree Nut Allergy Be Related To Almond Oil in Eczema Cream?

Q: My daughter has had bad eczema and reflux. Now at 11 months old, she was tested for allergies, and results were positive for almonds. I had been using a natural eczema cream on her with almond oil, but the allergist tells me you should never use potentially allergenic food products such as nut oils on… Read more »