Allergy Mom Video: Taste-Testing Free-From, Nondairy Ice Creams

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Published: June 30, 2023

For this episode of Megan’s Minute, Allergic Living thought it would be fun to do an allergy-friendly ice cream taste test. 

The first thing to know is that nondairy and allergy-friendly frozen treats have come a long, long way. Parenting contributor Megan Lavin, from the website, found a whopping 21 flavors to include in this chilly taste challenge.  

As for the taste-testers, Megan says: “I got very distinguished judges, who I happen to think are quite picky and who definitely know what they like.” The judges are: her terrific two sons with multiple food allergies. 

Megan divides the frozen treat contenders into five flavor groups: mint, chocolate, vanilla, caramel and miscellaneous. The boys didn’t know which brand they were trying, as their mom scooped the milk-free ice creams into plastic cups.

All nondairy ice creams that Megan included are free of dairy, gluten, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanut, and tree nuts. She notes, though, that in her family: “We can do coconut and soy.” (Still, several choices are free of those as well.)

Allergic Living reminds that the FDA doesn’t allow nondairy brands to label their products as “ice cream”. That’s why you’ll see the brands we’re reviewing labeled as dairy-free “frozen desserts” or similar. 

Now, let’s get on with the challenge! 

The Taste Test Contenders

Want to know the Allergic Living judges’ winners? Then do be sure to tune into the video.

Category No. 1 – Mint
The contending brands are: Cado, Cosmic Bliss, NadaMoo, Oatly, Frönen, So Delicious

Category No. 2 – Chocolate 
The contending brands are: Cado, Cosmic Bliss, Frönen, NadaMoo, Oatly

Category No. 3 – Vanilla
The contending brands are: Frönen, NadaMoo, Oatly, So Delicious

Category No. 4 – Caramel 
The contending brands are: Cado, Cosmic Bliss

Category No. 5 – Miscellaneous
The contending brands are: Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Dream Pie, NadaMoo Cookies and Crème, Simple Truth Black Raspberry Chip, So Delicious Cookie Dough

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