Allergy Mom Video: How to Manage Field Trips with Food Allergies

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Published: April 17, 2023

It requires considerable work with a school to arrive at good allergy protocols to keep a food-allergic child safe. But what about the school field trip? That popular experience takes your child outside the classroom – and perhaps beyond your comfort zone.

Allergy risks can lurk in unfamiliar locations but, at the same time, you don’t want your food allergy student to miss out. What’s the allergy parent to do?

Our parenting contributor Megan Lavin relates. In this episode of Megan’s Minute video series, she shares the wisdom of experience. Megan and her oldest son, who has multiple food allergies, are veterans of safely navigating school field trips.

In the video, Megan covers the essentials, which start with having a 504 Plan that requires advance notice of school field trips. Plus, have your child self-carry epinephrine auto-injectors for prompt access. Ensure the adults in charge know your child’s anaphylaxis emergency plan. Are the adults in charge trained on using epinephrine? (It’s wise to do a refresher – and essential if you’re not attending.)

Megan, who’s known for her website, is a fan of chaperoning the school field trip where possible. “I really recommend you attend them if you can. Not only is it good to have an allergy mom’s eyes on the scene, but it’s so fun to see your children interact with their peers and to be a fly on the wall.”

Megan’s School Field Trip Experiences

What makes the school field trip worth the extra work with food allergies is that they are often enriching and rewarding outings.

Megan candidly shares her and her older son’s experiences. She covers:
– some of the smooth and fun trips her son has had.
– the nutty craft outing that was averted.
– the hives reaction (unrelated to food) that was managed.
– and a suspected “problem outing,” that she found a way to make allergy-safe.

Even with a 504 Plan that spells out field trip allergy protocols, Megan stresses working alongside your child’s teacher and being willing to help. “That has eased communications and made us feel more like a team. I think that’s played in big part in the successes we’ve had.”

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