Allergic Living’s Research Highlights from the AAAAI 2022 Conference

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Published: March 11, 2022
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At the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology annual meeting held in Phoenix in late February 2022, thousands of allergists and physicians gathered to hear the latest research findings. Following are some highlights from the AAAAI conference, as covered by Allergic Living journalists.

Dupilumab Shows Success in EoE, Leading to Hopes for Approval
EoE patients on the biologic drug dupilumab in a Phase 3 trial showed significant symptom improvement by six months of therapy. Fifty-nine percent, in fact, achieved disease remission compared to 6 percent in the placebo group, according to the trial data presented at the 2022 AAAAI allergists’ meeting. Full Article

Fecal Transplant Pills Show Promise in Treating Food Allergies
Fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) enabled some with severe peanut allergy to consume up to two peanuts without reacting, Phase 1 clinical trial results show. Researchers say the findings are “promising” and may ultimately lead to “microbiome therapy” as a new treatment option for people with food allergies. Additional clinical trials are planned for later this year. Full Article

Extra Inhaler Strategy Cut Asthma Attacks for Black, Latinx Adults
With asthma, it’s well-known that Black and Latinx populations in the United States bear a disproportionate level of disease burden. At the AAAAI 2022 allergists’ meeting, there was considerable interest in a novel intervention study that involved giving Black and Latinx patients with moderate-to-severe asthma an additional corticosteroid inhaler. Adult participants in the clinical trial’s intervention group were directed to use this additional inhaler whenever they were taking a puff of their albuterol reliever inhaler. Full Article

Parents Who Feed Peanut to Babies Willing to Try Other Allergens Too
If parents are willing to introduce peanut to a baby under six months old, they’re then far more likely also to try feeding their infant other potential allergenic foods, according to research presented at the 2022 AAAAI allergists’ meeting. Full Article

Study Finds Getting Epi Early Prevents Uncontrolled Allergic Reactions
A data analysis presented at the AAAAI allergists’ annual meeting reinforces the importance of prompt self-administration of epinephrine to treat suspected anaphylaxis. Data analyzed on 4,801 allergic reactions showed that uncontrolled reactions were less likely when epinephrine or antihistamines were administered before the patient arrived at hospital. The likelihood of uncontrolled reactions also increased with peanut- or milk-triggered reactions. Full Article

Mast Cell Disorder Patients Tolerating COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine
COVID-19 vaccines can be tolerated by most patients with confirmed mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), according to a study that was presented at the AAAAI allergists’ meeting. Full Article

Sinusitis’s Impact on Asthma, Shot Brings 4-Season Relief
Asthmatics can add chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) as a related condition, and one that has a significant health impact, according to new research. In the study, patients with asthma who also had a chronic bronchial condition were the most likely to have CRS – and to feel the effects of this disease combination. Full Article