Allergic Living’s DIY Teal Wizard and Witch Costume

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Everybody’s getting into the spirit of the Teal Pumpkin Project, launched by FARE, for Halloween. At Allergic Living, we’re adding to the fun – by giving a couple of classic costumes a food allergy-inspired twist.

With a dash of creativity and a few pinches of teal, you too can create a one-of-kind witch or wizard costume. Just follow the easy steps below.

DSC_0728Photo: Airryn Dupuis

No-Sew Witch Tutu Skirt


DSC_0693Photo: Airryn Dupuis
  • ½-inch wide elastic band
  • 3 yards black tulle
  • 3 yards teal tulle
  • 3 yards sparkly black tulle
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors


Making a Tutu Skirt or Dress is easy and inexpensive. After creating the basic skirt, you can customize the color, style or add decorations.

IMG_0976Photo: Airryn Dupuis
1. To make the skirt, first measure a length of black tulle that’s the distance from the waistband to approximately knee-length. Multiply that by 2, plus 1 inch. Now cut the fabric, it should look like a large rectangle.

2. Cut the black tulle in 3-inch wide pieces. You’ll need approximately 30 pieces total.

3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the teal tulle.

4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the sparkly black tulle.

5. Measure the waist of the child, and cut the elastic to that length. (Optional: overlap the two ends of the elastic by roughly 1/3-inch and sew them with needle and thread, or glue the ends together with fabric glue.)

6. Place the elastic around the back of chair (to hold the elastic up) and secure the elastic with a safety pin.

7. Fold one strip of black tulle in half. Drape the folded tulle over the elastic, and pull the rest of it through the loop (see photo). Pull tight to form a knot.

8. Repeat step 7 with a different color of tulle, then push the second knotted strip tightly against the first one.

9. Repeat with alternating colors of tulle strips, until the elastic band is full. Then your basic skirt is complete, and you can add your own skirt decorations.

DSC_0704Photo: Airryn Dupuis


Waistband: 19 inches
Length of tulle on finished skirt: 15 inches (I cut the length of the strips at 31 inches)
Tulle strips used: 90 pieces

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