Film Drives Home Food Allergy Message: It’s a Disease, Not a Diet

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Published: January 23, 2024

In my video interview with FARE’s CEO Dr. Sung Poblete at the end of 2023, we discussed a new documentary that the non-profit would soon release. 

That powerful documentary, called “It’s a Disease, Not a Diet”, has now launched and I’m pleased to share it here with Allergic Living followers. Allergic Living welcomes the FARE documentary’s messaging that food allergy is a serious health issue. That’s a message many members of the general public still don’t understand.

Early in this short film, Dr. Poblete says that food allergy is “a first-tier health issue that needs to be recognized like diabetes, heart disease and cancer.” The film walks through the rampant misconceptions – including that those with food allergies “picky eaters” or “high maintenance.”

Documentary: Life on High Alert 

The documentary doesn’t sugarcoat life with food allergies. Instead, it reveals the vigilance involved in managing the disease at school, playdates and at restaurants to avoid a trip to the emergency room. It speaks candidly of “life on high alert” for those with food allergies. 

The FARE documentary should help to open many eyes to the challenges and the seriousness of food allergy as a real disease. I hope we all share it widely.

As well, I recommend giving a listen to my earlier video chat with Dr. Poblete. In it, she discusses her own challenging food allergies and her desire to rally for food allergy funding. As she told me, “If we don’t advocate for ourselves in the treatment and cure arena, nobody else will. So we’re going to be extra loud in 2024.”

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