Allergy Mom Video: Goals for a Year of School, Travel Challenges 

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Published: January 17, 2024

As she explained last year, contributor Megan Lavin is a big believer in the value of setting goals. In this video, she looks ahead to 2024, in anticipation of a big year of change. 

Last year’s goals were lofty and mostly successful. Her family, including her two sons with multiple food allergies, undertook their first cruise and had a wonderful time. Her older son also went to his first sleepaway camp. So, big goals completed, with a lot of knowledge gained. 

But what goals is Megan, host of our Megan’s Minute video series, setting for the months ahead in 2024?

As she tells us in the video, this fall Megan’s older son will head to middle school. This definitely brings food allergy challenges, from a new principal and administrators to get to know, a new 504 Plan to create. Plus, her son will rotate through classes with different teachers. 

He’ll also return to the sleepaway camp in the summer, but this time with cabin locations (instead of tents). Megan says: “there will be different hurdles to jump to make sure food is still safely.”

She’s also anticipating speaking at the nonprofit FAACT’s digital influencer summit in November. To do so is a big deal: it means a lot of pre-cooking and planning for her family. 

Video: Experience Helps Challenges

Yet, in the video, Megan says she’s up for the challenges ahead. She feels confident that, working together, her family can figure their way through these events and any hurdles they bring.   

As you plan for your own 2024 food allergy goals, Megan suggests being kind to yourself and not expect perfection. She reminds that not everything will go perfectly every time.

“Sometimes you have to look back to realize how far you’ve come and that you’ve done difficult things in the past, and you’re equipped to do them again,” says Megan.

We hope you’ll be inspired by her video’s realistic approach to food allergy goals and planning. 

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