My Food Allergy Goals for the New Year [Allergy Mom Video]

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Published: December 22, 2022

As you think about the year ahead, it helps to have some goals – yes, even food allergy goals. Maybe you want a regroup on how to stay safer or school or work, or maybe you’re contemplating a trip. 

Perhaps you want to work with an allergist to see if a child has outgrown an allergy. It’s great to have a plan, but what will yours be for 2023?

Megan Lavin, host of our Megan’s Minute video series on parenting and food allergies, is a big goal-setter and is here to help.

“I thought it would be fun to share a few of my goals, especially how we’ll be handling food allergies in the approaching year,” Megan explains in her latest video. The year ahead will be a big one in the Lavin family.

In the video, Megan shares her nine food allergy goals for the coming year. They even include an ambitious plan to take her husband and their four kids (two of whom have food allergies) on a Disney cruise!

Some of Megan’s year-ahead objectives are more fundamental to allergy management and quality of life. This is especially so for her eldest son, who is allergic to multiple foods.

One food allergy goal, for instance, is to see if her eldest’s test results suggest he could try a baked milk challenge. Being able to have at least well-cooked dairy in his diet would open so many possibilities. As Megan has explained in a previous video, both her boys have had some success with oral food challenges.

Food Allergy Goal: Going to Camp

But she starts this video with a big goal – her son has reached the age to go to on a church camping trip, which is important to him. 

“When my son asked, “How can we do this?” I thought: ‘I’ve been dreading this year since the day I found out about his food allergies. My husband went to this camp, and I knew it would be coming someday. It’s crazy it’s here already!'”

Megan replied to her son: “I don’t know yet [how we’ll do this]. But we will figure it out. If I have to make all three meals a day and freeze them and have them take your food in coolers, we will.” 

Megan will be working on this food allergy goal with the camp’s leaders, long before the summer camp. As with all her goals, she has a positive approach. “I refuse to let him miss out on this adventure camp that is a big milestone.” 

She’s determined to find a way for him to have a fun, safe time and be well-fed. “That could be a tall goal, but I’m shooting for it,” she tells us in the video. 

We hope you are inspired by Megan’s food allergy goal-setting approach. As always, Megan and Allergic Living welcome your comments related to the video, either on our Youtube channel or the video posts on Facebook/Instagram.

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