Allergy Mom Video: 5 Top Tips for Unwanted Food Allergy Advice

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Published: December 20, 2023

Just in time for holiday gatherings, Megan Lavin reveals five top tips in case a family member chimes in with ill-informed food allergy comments.

If you have a child with food allergies or live with them yourself, you will no doubt relate. At a family celebration, it might be a distant aunt or seldom-seen cousin who raises insensitive questions about food allergy management.

In this episode of the Megan’s Minute video series, she notes that some questions will come from a place of curiosity. But then, there are those pointed and tiresome questions. Megan finds these arise especially in the context of bigger parties, with people unaccustomed to your food allergy boundaries.

Megan shares five tips to keep in your back pocket. “These are to the point, and can still be conveyed with a kind or warm tone, but they also get the meaning across,” she notes in the video.

Top Tips on Family Allergy ‘Input’

In her five tips for navigating talking food allergies with family members, Megan covers the easier and more difficult situations.

Tune in for her full explanations. These include how to set conversation boundaries if things turn heated and, at other times, how to “just say ‘no’.”

Megan also has a great tip on the difference that slowing down your own talking can make. Megan says: “I hope one of these phrases will help you in tricky settings.” While they don’t need to be used verbatim, “hopefully these can at least help get your juices flowing as you make up your own variation.”

Megan’s Minute Series

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