Allergy Mom Video: the Safe Treat Box is a Food Allergy Lifesaver

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Published: October 30, 2023

As parenting contributor Megan Lavin notes in her latest video, when you have kids, you find that “treats are everywhere!”

For some parents, this is just a concern about sugar load and health. However, Megan has two sons with multiple food allergies. Most treats that get offered are off-limits because of allergens – and that can bring on hurtful feelings of missing out.

Her solution to avoid exclusion? The at-home treat box, which she considers so essential, it’s like a VIP member of the family. Megan keeps her family’s treat box stocked with delicious allergy-friendly goodies since, as she puts it: her boys “do not want to forgo a yummy-looking doughnut for an orange.”

Watch this episode of the Megan’s Minute video series, to learn Megan’s secrets to create a treat box that allergic kids will love.

Treats will crop up at school, sports and extracurricular activities, you name it. Megan, known for the website, initially created her treat box “to help avoid tantrums. And frankly, to help my Momma heart not hurt for my son being left out.”

Her idea has been a hit. The treat box is a favorite with her kids, especially her eldest son, who has numerous allergies. 

Treat Box Success with Allergies

“It has totally worked,” says Megan, who offers tips in the video for what she includes to create a tantalizing goodie box. “Anytime he’s offered a treat that he can’t have, I’ll remind him, ‘Let’s go home and pick something out of the treat box.'”

“Knowing he’ll get an exciting reward at home helps ease the burden of not getting something right then,” she finds. “It gives him something to look forward to and helps him to not feel slighted.” 

Megan notes that occasions like Halloween and Easter are a great time to stock up on individual portions of safe candy. She’ll go the day after the holiday to load up her treat box when everything’s on sale at 50 percent off. (Just watch labels, as there can be variation in ingredients with single-serve packaging.) 

“No matter how much you communicate, someone often seems to pop up with a treat last minute or without remembering to talk to you.” And in that instant, Megan says: “I’m so glad I already have a good stockpile, so I’m not scrambling.”

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