My Top Shopping Finds with Food Allergies [Allergy Mom Video]

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Published: March 1, 2023

People often ask me how I grocery-shop for my kids, especially since my older son has multiple food allergies. So in this episode of the Megan’s Minute video series for Allergic Living, come on along with me to the supermarket. I’ll let you in on many of my top allergy-friendly shopping finds that keep my family of six happy and well-fed.

First, since I live in a town in Idaho, Walmart is where I do the bulk of my grocery shopping. That’s where we’ll tour the aisles in this video. 

From allergy-friendly pizza to chicken nuggets, dairy-free mac ‘n cheese, I’ll take you through packaged food shopping finds for easy dinners. We’ll roll my cart along to look at gluten-free and allergy-friendly waffles, mayo, tortillas, breads and pasta. 

Since safe snacks are always important, I’ll also show you my family’s preferred cookies, dairy-free yogurt, chips, protein snacks and popcorn. I’ll even introduce you to our favorite gluten-free pretzel sticks – which my four kids seem to eat by the pound!

When I’m shopping for my family, we’re avoiding dairy, wheat, egg, peanut and tree nuts. Everyone’s allergies will be individual, so do always check brand ingredients to be sure these or any shopping finds are safe for your own family. Whenever you feel uncertain about a brand’s ingredients, it’s a good idea to email the company directly about allergens. 

Shopping Finds and Beyond

As followers know, I’m the owner of the recipe website So when it comes to the dairy alternatives, gluten-free soy sauce and other ingredients that I cover here, you’ll likely see those used in my recipes as well.

I hope my little trip for shopping finds inspires you with new brands to try or new foods to look into. 

If there is a topic you’d like to suggest for my monthly Allergic Living videos, you are most welcome to direct message me. As our community knows, food allergies affect more than what we eat, they affect our whole lives. 

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