Alcohol, Asthma and Food Allergies: What You Need to Know

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From fancy cocktails to wine to New Year’s champagne, holiday occasions are filled with celebratory drinks. But for those with food allergies or asthma, alcohol can bring more harm than holiday cheer.

Don’t let symptoms dampen your holiday festivities. Before you pop some bubbly to ring in the New Year, check out what some of our magazine’s contributors have to say about mixing alcohol with asthma or allergies.

What Causes Your Reaction to Alcohol?

Let’s uncork this problem, shall we? Allergic Living senior writer Jennifer Van Evra walks us through everything from chemicals in wine that can cause symptoms to food-related allergens, “allergy-like” reactions, and the culprit behind “Asian Flush.”

Does Alcohol Make Food Reactions Worse?

A university student with food allergies asks: “I’ve heard that if you accidentally eat a food with your allergen while also drinking alcohol, your allergic reaction will be worse. Why would that happen?”

Mount Sinai’s Dr. Scott Sicherer explains the science behind food allergy “co-factors,” and how to stay safe.

Alcohol Reactions with Asthma Linked to Aspirin

Asthma symptoms from drinking wine and alcohol have long been a mystery, but research presented at the AAAAI annual conference sheds some light on why they occur.

Researchers have discovered that most adults with asthma who are sensitive to aspirin also get mild to severe respiratory symptoms when drinking alcohol. Read more about what this means and why it changes our understanding of asthma and alcohol.

Gluten-Free Brewmasters

Making craft beer without barley is challenging, but for suds lovers with celiac disease, the rewards are worth it.