Kardashian’s 911 Call for Son

in Food Allergy, Peanut & Tree Nut
Published: November 24, 2010

In a recently released recording of a 911 phone call, Kourtney Kardashian remained extremely calm as she explained to emergency responders that her son, Mason, was having an allergic reaction.

“Hi, I think my baby’s allergic to something he just ate,” she said. “He’s 11 months…He seems fine right now, but he has hives on his face, and he threw up.” She explained that Mason ate peanut butter but that, at first, she thought he was just getting sick since she was under the weather.

The emergency operator gave excellent advice to the mother experiencing a first-time allergic reaction. Part of his instructions included watching for any breathing difficulties and keeping Mason in an upright position in case he was going to vomit again.

When the ambulance and fire department arrived, they suggested Mason be taken to hospital. A video taken from outside her home showed Kardashian being loaded into the ambulance on a stretcher with little Mason in her arms. He is now doing well. No reports have been issued on whether or not Mason will be visiting an allergist.

On November 20, Kardashian said, on her blog, that she is glad she trusted her “instincts” by calling for emergency help right away.

Kardashian is not the only celebrity mom dealing with food allergies. In November 2008, Britney Spears’ younger son, Jayden, was brought to the hospital after having a reaction. The food Jayden, then 2 years old, reacted to is unknown. At the time, someone close to the family said that Jayden had hives, was itchy and irritable. See that story here.