Video: My Food-Allergic Son’s Speech: ‘It’s OK to Be Different’

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Published: June 18, 2024

Megan Lavin’s straight-A son was asked to give the graduation speech at his elementary school. His topic was “obstacles” – and Megan’s oldest child decided to speak out about life with multiple food allergies.

Megan explains that her son chose food allergies as the grad speech topic since they have been a big trial in his life.

But he stressed in the speech that “there are things to learn from our trials,” notes his mom in this episode of Allergic Living’s Megan’s Minute video series.

“One of those lessons has been that it’s OK to be different and it’s OK to stand out,” she says.

Megan’s son knows what standing out among fellow students feels like, yet he still had a great elementary school experience. “To see him talking about his food allergies with an audience full of adults and his peers was a moment I won’t forget,” says his proud mom.

Grad Speech: Being Different is OK

Since her son has accepted being different when it comes to food allergies, Megan thinks it will help him do so in other areas. “Stand out, stand up and be unapologetically different,” she says.

Her wish for parents with younger kids with food allergies? “That you’ll have your own proud moment someday.”

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