Allergy Mom Video: Valentine’s Meal and Ways to Share the Love

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Published: February 7, 2024

For Valentine’s Day, Megan Lavin of our Megan’s Minute video series, offers clever ways to let kids with food allergies feel the love.

First up in this video is her “heart attack” door. Megan and her husband place a cut-out heart with a personalized compliment on the bedroom door of each of their four kids. Over several days, a new one is added. By the big day, each child has a collection of fluttering hearts.

The main event, however, for Megan – who is known for her Allergy Awesomeness recipe website – is her Valentine’s Love Meal. 

Valentine’s Love Meal

Hear how Megan gussies up the night’s family dinner with heart-themed décor. Among her must-haves are candlelight and a special allergy-friendly drink and dessert. (Find recipe ideas below). Her kids adore this special Valentine’s Love Meal.

The best part? During dinner, each family member names something they love about everyone else. “It’s really touching,” says Megan. 

Special Dessert Ideas:
Megan’s Chocolate Cheesecake
Allergic Living’s Valentine’s Day Recipes  
Megan’s Chocolate Mousse  

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