Food Allergy Mom on: Visiting LEGOLAND with Food Allergies

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It’s obvious these days online – many food allergy families are planning vacations. A hugely popular destination among kids these days is LEGOLAND, which has theme parks in California, Florida and New York.

But what if you have a child with food allergies? Food allergy blogger Megan Lavin’s two older kids with food allergies were eager to go to LEGOLAND California. So she did her homework – and off this family of six went to visit and stay at the California resort, located outside of San Diego.

In this video Megan relates: how they managed food – from late night arrival to the long days at the theme park and water park. They visited restaurants, always spoke to chefs, and Megan says the ease of chef access gave her peace of mind.

She shares great tips on what allergy-friendly types of snacks she took along – as her older boys manage multiple food allergies.

Staying at the LEGOLAND Hotel

As well, Megan tells viewers about staying at the theme park hotel, which was definitely a great part of the experience for her kids. All in all: “This is going to be a family memory that we will always cherish,” she says.

Be advised that Allergic Living always recommends contacting a park ahead of time about specific food accommodation needs.

Following are helpful links for the 3 LEGO parks:
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Thinking of going? Megan has also just published a full report on her family’s experience with food and accommodations here.

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