Trendspotting at Expo West 2019: Allergic Living’s Top 10 Hot Finds

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Published: March 15, 2019

We sent products editor Caroline Moassessi to Anaheim, California for the massive Natural Products Expo West trade show. Her mission? To track down exciting new products on the horizon for food allergy consumers.

Note: Most products are not yet available for purchase. This is a sneak peek of what will be hitting the consumer marketplace in 2019.

New in Friendly Foods


Follow Your Heart

New, improved and now soy-free, Follow Your Heart’s Dairy-Free Sour Cream elevates the flavor factor of garnishing baked potatoes or nachos to a new level. This rich, creamy and tangy topper is made on a dedicated Top 8 allergen-free and adds a tasty twist to baking. (The product contains coconut.*) See more at

Bonus points for: Each dollop delivers that longed-for signature tanginess delivered by traditional sour cream.

Nestle Toll House

Nestle Toll House magic sparkles again with the coming launch of the Simply Delicious White Morsels. The smooth rich chips melt with ease and skip on an overly sweet taste. Yummy to snack on or to bake with, these treats are free of gluten and the 8 major food allergens and made in a dedicated facility. Expect this product hit store shelves mid-summer. Visit

Bonus points for: What’s not to love about a white chocolate found in local grocery stores that I can drizzle over strawberries?


Chefs call it flavor layering, tummies call it satisfying. New Top 8 plus sesame-free MadeGood Sweet & Salty Granola Bars balance sweet chocolate chips, gluten-free oats and sea salt to create a sophisticated and delicious treat. Each sweet meets salty bar surprisingly includes a serving of vegetables. Savor in the afternoon or indulge in after dinner. Either way, they’ll disappear fast. Visit

Bonus points for: I simply can’t believe such a decadent treat contains vegetables.


Ripple Foods

It’s a barista breakthrough! Ripple Foods Plant-Based Milk Barista Style “creamer” foams and froths right in your kitchen. Whip, steam, froth or blend to create handcrafted hot drinks like lattes, hot chocolate or tea like a pro. The Top 8-free full bodied “creamer” has a mild flavor and is made from pea-based protein. Visit

Bonus points for: The ability to whip up barista-worthy non-dairy beverages at home with great ease.

88 Acres

Say goodbye to sesame-loaded tahini and hello to 88 Acres’ Roasted Watermelon Seed Butter. This buttery spread is made in a dedicated Top 8 and sesame-free facility. Choose between no sugar added or regular flavor in jars or on-the-go pouches. Available now at

Bonus points for: With a precise replacement for tahini, I’m breaking out the old family recipes right now.

Cybele’s Free to Eat

Classic dishes like mac ‘n cheese and macaroni salad are back on the gluten-free, allergy-friendly menu with Cybele’s Free to Eat new pasta shapes. The Top 8-free flavorful shells, penne and elbows deliver more than one full vegetable serving. Each variety contains a whopping 25 grams of clean, plant-based protein per serving. Visit

Bonus points for: I don’t have to say eat your veggies with your pasta to my kids – they’re in there already.



Busy lives need clever on-the-go snacking. Packed with 10 grams of protein, SunButter SunSnackers Sunflower Butter with Bagel Chips are ready for scrumptious munching, anytime, anywhere. The creamy Top 8-free sunflower butter is paired with crunchy bagel chips baked by The Greater Knead in a handy backpack sized package. Visit

Bonus points for: SunSnackers are hearty and satisfying enough to keep a tummy happy until the next meal.


Red Plate Foods

When just a sprinkle or handful of tasty, slightly sweet and crunchy granola is needed, look no farther than your own pocket or purse. Three Top 8 allergen-free Red Plate Foods granola varieties are now available in 1-ounce pouches. Whole grain, and low in sugar, these treats meet school nutrition standards. Available now in stores and online at

Bonus points for: Some school food suppliers in the U.S. carry Red Plate Foods granola and parents can request that their district carry this gluten-free, allergy-friendly great tasting product.

Environmentally Friendly Finds


Molly Suds

Perk up chores, like scrubbing your sink, with Molly Suds Sink Scrubs. This workhorse gently tackles grease, grime and bad orders on surfaces like porcelain, steel, aluminum, natural stone, cast iron or copper. Toxin-free baking soda and botanical aromas add a splash of fun to a tiresome task. Available now at

Bonus points for: This scrub smells so fresh and lovely I actually want to clean my sink – even when company isn’t coming over.

Bottle Bright

Fear gunk and mold in your water bottle no more. Bottle Bright natural cleaning tablets revolutionize cleaning water bottles and beverage containers. Effervescent bubbles fizz away stains and odors in hard-to-reach places. Using natural ingredients like sodium carbonate peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, the tablets are biodegradable and chlorine-free. Visit

Bonus points for: I can also place warm water in a bowl with bottle lids and add a fizzy tablet to clean those grimy lids.

*Editor’s note: most allergists consider coconut safe for tree nut allergies. Confirm with your doctor.