Southwest Airlines Stops Serving Peanuts to ‘Welcome’ Peanut-Allergic

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Published: July 10, 2018
Photo: Southwest Airlines

As a low-cost airline, part of Southwest Airlines’ marketing strategy was to prove it was so cost effective that it only served peanuts. That marketing strategy has changed with the announcement that the airline will no longer serve peanuts on any of its flights starting August 1.

The announcement has been met with a tremendously positive response from the food allergy community.

“Our ultimate goal is to create an environment where all customers – including those with peanut-related allergies – feel safe and welcome on every Southwest flight,” a representative from the airline told Allergic Living.

Pretzels will still be served, free of charge, on all short flights. For longer flights, there will be a choice of several free snacks. Allergic Living always suggests bringing your own safe food when traveling.

Southwest Airlines suggests that customers should still indicate a “peanut dust allergy” when booking a flight. Customers can notify the airline of the allergy during and after booking their reservation on or at the airport.

“Customers with peanut and peanut-dust allergies will still be allowed to pre-board so that they can wipe down seats and tray tables,” according to the airline.

In a statement, the airline noted that coming to the decision to stop serving peanuts wasn’t easy, since “peanuts forever will be part of Southwest’s history and DNA.” According to its website, Southwest served more than 106 million peanuts in 2017.

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