Reader Roundup: Our Top 10 Ask the Allergist Questions

in Basics, Food Allergy

Following is a roundup of our most popular food allergy Ask the Allergist questions with Allergic Living leading allergist contributors.

1. Is goat’s milk safe for my dairy-allergic child?

2. How does epinephrine turn off an anaphylactic reaction?

3. Under what circumstances can an airborne reaction to a food occur?

4. Can you be allergic to just one type of tree nut?

5. Is peanut oil safe to eat or not?

6. Can I have an allergy to all fish except for one?

7. If my boyfriend eats something I’m allergic to, how much time should we wait to kiss?

8. Can a person be allergic to garlic?

9. Is it safe to use shea nut butter lotion if my child has a tree nut allergy?

10. Will my peanut-allergic child also react to chickpeas?