Jimmy Kimmel on Teal Pumpkin Project: Hurting or Helping the Cause?

in Food Allergy
Published: October 27, 2017

“This is a new Halloween thing I was just made aware of, do you know about the teal pumpkins?” Jimmy Kimmel said in a monologue on Oct. 26 as people in his late night audience laughed. He went on to explain the Teal Pumpkin Project that those of us in the allergy community know well.

But he quickly turned to poking fun of the color choice, which represents food allergy awareness. “It’s a bad color for a pumpkin. Teal should be exclusively for dream-catchers and jewelry you buy on the road to Sedona (AZ).” Referencing the fact that teal may be not be distinguished by some people with color-blindness, Kimmel said: “What about the kids with food allergies that color-blind? …. There’s too many unanswered questions about this.”

The monologue highlights a few photos of teal pumpkins, and Kimmel does mention the giving of non-food treats on Halloween. You can watch the clip below, with the remarks about the teal pumpkin project starting at 11:20.

Do you think this type of commentary insults the cause and food-allergic kids? Or do you think this raises awareness about the project and non-food treats? You can share your opinion with our Facebook community.