What a Sea Otter Can Teach Us About Asthma

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Published: September 21, 2015
otterJason Rehel | Allergic Living

Teaching asthma treatment, especially to a newly diagnosed child, can be challenging, and for parents, worrisome.

When it comes to using an inhaler correctly, it’s not always easy for people to learn, especially when they’re young. Holding the inhaler correctly and using a spacer can help.

Exhibit A: One-year-old Mishka of the Seattle Aquarium, demonstrating the proper use of an inhaler last week.

Mishka is a sea otter, and beyond being the mere usual level of cute exhibited by most otters, swimming playfully and interacting with humans almost like a family pet would, Mishka has asthma. About a month ago, as wildfires near Puget Sound raged, staff noticed that the animal, who’s been living at the aquarium since January, was having trouble breathing. After testing her lungs, doing blood work and reading radiographs, veterinarians on site diagnosed her with asthma, which can occur in any animal that has lungs.

Now her keepers are training her to use an inhaler, by using food to encourage Mishka to take a breath from a modified device. Basically, the action is the same as a human would take, and even the medication is similar to that used by human patients.

What’s the lesson for us? One pediatric allergy and asthma specialist had this to say on Twitter:

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