Chinese Herbs for Food Allergy: 2 Success Stories

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Published: March 18, 2014

Allergic Living columnist Gina Clowes recently interviewed Dr. Xiu-Min Li about the work she’s doing with butanol-purified FAHF-2, or B-FAHF-2. Gina’s full interview for her Allergy Moms e-letter is here.

Below, we share Dr. Li’s words to Gina about two of her patient successes.

Gina Clowes: Would you share a few success stories with your Chinese herbs formula?

Dr. Li: We’ve seen some very impressive results at my clinic. I had one 14-year-old girl so severely allergic to milk, she reacted to touching a trace of milk. She reacted to inhalation of dairy. She could not walk into a pizza parlor.

Her reactions were so severe that she needed two shots of epinephrine to control these reactions. She left school and was home-schooled because her reactions were so frequent.

She lived across the country and her parents were so dedicated to getting her help that they drove for three days to come to New York to see me. She could not fly because of the concern of exposure to traces of dairy containing food by inhalation or contact.

We started with the treatment with the herbs. They came every six months; never missed an appointment. Within six months, she was starting to feel a little better. She still had some reactions though less severe and less frequent than before.

I added acupuncture and more herbs as she could tolerate them. Finally, I added an herb tea that is pretty strong. I warned her about the taste. She said: “I don’t care. I want to get better.”

Within a year the reactions that were once so frequent, really started to come down. After two years on the treatment, she was getting much better. They took a plane to New York!

She went back to school. She got a job working as a life guard at a swimming pool! Things she never imagined. She can smell pizza now. She can’t eat it yet but she can be around it.

GC: Her whole world opened up!

Dr. Li: I have another teenage patient from Canada. She was so severely allergic to peanut and tree nuts. The mother is an ER doctor, so she knows what a true emergency is.

This child was in the ER for anaphylaxis more than 10 times within two years. She was on multiple medications, including daily use of two types of anti-histamine drugs, antidepressants and missing tons of school. They came to see me and were very compliant with the treatment.

Gradually, her reactions became much less frequent. She was able to go off the antihistamines and some of the other medications she was taking. After about a year, the girl was exposed to peanut and tree nuts on a trip. She consumed them a lot accidentally. She found she had no problem.

The mother said: “I evidenced it myself!” They decided to do a peanut challenge and she passed. She can continue to eat peanut and tree nuts and she is off all of the herbs now. Six months after stopping the herbs, her mother e-mailed me and said, “We are still cured.”

These patients and families start to provide support for the other patients who have the similar conditions.

GC: I know I speak for many allergy moms and dads out there when I say that I am grateful for your work. Thank you for all that you do!

Dr. Li: Thank you Gina.

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