Tips for Traveling with Allergic Kids

in Managing Allergies, Travel & Dining
Published: July 18, 2011

Wash hands often. When you’re out exploring, make sure your child washes his or her hands regularly – especially before eating.

Bring favorite foods. When traveling, it’s easy for allergic kids to feel left out. Make sure to bring plenty of their favorite treats so they feel like they’re getting the royal holiday treatment too.

Plan non-food activities. Make sure you have lots of stuff to do that doesn’t involve a lot of fussing over food. Kids want to get out and have fun; do stuff that will allow them to forget their allergies for a while.

After Your Trip

Tell companies about your experience. If the airline didn’t properly accommodate your allergies or the hotel forgot to get you that room with the kitchenette, make sure to call and write the company to express your dissatisfaction.

And if you had a particularly great experience – the chef whipped up an allergy-free meal that you’ll never forget, or the flight attendant made sure your trip was safe and worry-free – make sure to call and write about that, too, and tell the company they’ve won your loyalty. Mention specific employees’ names if you can to make sure they get an extra pat on the back.