Digital Food Allergy Anxiety Magazine

Food Allergy Anxiety Guide by Allergic Living

The Michigan Medicine Food Allergy Clinic is pleased to offer complimentary access to Allergic Living’s online Food Allergy Anxiety Guide to patients/families of the clinic and Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center. Support for this program is made possible thanks to the Goldberg Family Allergy Support Fund. 

To access the Food Allergy Anxiety Guide: Input the case-sensitive code the Clinic gave you in the box below.

Important: Complimentary access is for the recipient and family and is not to be shared. If someone you know wishes to separately purchase access to the Guide, that can be done here

About the Food Allergy Anxiety Guide: This Allergic Living special edition offers an unparalleled exploration of the rising phenomenon food allergy anxiety. Meet families dealing with the aftermath of multiple reactions, food phobias, and even PTSD. In our podcast, leading experts discuss everything from anxiety symptoms to steps to greatly reduce stress levels, and keep a child safe and confident. Plus, learn about “breaking down the walls of fear,” calming techniques, and strategies for a better life balance.

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