Valentine’s Day 2022: Allergic Living’s Top Food-Free Gift Ideas

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Published: January 26, 2022

Allergy-friendly chocolate and sweets aren’t the only way to warm your child’s heart. Browse Allergic Living’s list of the best food-free gifts for Valentine’s Day. Cupid himself would be proud to deliver any one of these.

Chalk of the Town

As a child’s gift, clothes can be boring. But we’re willing to bet that a Raspberry Heart Short Sleeve Kit from Chalk of the Town will set kids’ hearts aflutter. Each shirt features a washable chalkboard on its front, meaning children can decorate to their heart’s content with the included markers. Time for a new design? Simply wipe the board clean with water and let them create something new. Shirts are available in a variety of colors, with long or short sleeves.

Shop online at and (U.S. only)

Chuckle & Roar

Three times bigger than the original Pop It!, the multicolor Pop It! XL provides hours of entertainment for kids, buying you some precious moments of calm. Perfectly portable, this fidget and sensory game helps develop fine motor skills. Thanks to its large size, this Pop It! can also be used for two-player games.

Shop online at (U.S. only)


Crayola’s STEAM Paper Flower Science Kit is the best way to infuse a blah February day with a dose of color and a lot of fun. With 12 white paper flowers in each kit, and three ways to tint them, kids will spend hours crafting perfect Valentine’s Day bouquets.

Shop online at and In Canada, at

Great Pretenders

Little ones who love to dress up will swoon at the sight of the Heart Sticker Earrings collection from Great Pretenders. With 30 pairs of earrings per set, including everything from hearts and gems to emojis, this kit holds the perfect pair for every occasion.

Shop online at In Canada, at


Have a budding wordsmith in your midst? Give the gift of a Heart Tie Dye Lock and Key Furry Journal from iScream, and help them capture every turn of phrase in style.

Shop online at  (U.S. only)


Liven up the kids’ outings with a colorful Mini Alpine Series kit from Kaze. Disposable and five-ply, these respirators also boast adjustable ear loop tabs for ultimate comfort. They make for a novel secondary gift, and fashion-conscious kids will enjoy the rainbow of available colors.

Shop online at In Canada, at

Kid Made Modern

With a Design Your Own Valentines Kit from Kid Made Modern, young ones can send love across the miles. Each box includes 24 postcards, along with an assortment of colorful stickers, gel pens, googly eyes, felt hearts and more, allowing creative kiddos to craft the valentines of their dreams.

Shop online at In Canada, at

Kiss Freely

Free of the Top 9 allergens and gluten, a pack of Heart Shaped Lip Glosses from Kiss Freely is a popular little present for sweethearts of every age. Every pack includes three individual, heart-shaped pots of Kiss Freely’s soothing, glossy lip tint, each inscribed with a perfect Valentine’s Day message.

Shop online at and (U.S. & Canada)
Free of: Top 9 allergens plus gluten, shea butter, corn, peas, coconut, avocado and sunflower seeds.

Melissa & Doug

Keep little fingers busy with a Created By Me! Heart Magnets Wooden Craft Kit from Melissa & Doug. A company that understands what makes kids tick, Melissa & Doug offers plenty of toys, costumes and craft kits that spark little ones’ imaginations. With four magnets in each kit, accompanied by paint, brushes, gem stickers, and glitter glue, this kit will inspire kids to create beautiful valentines you can cherish for years. 

Shop online at and In Canada, at (U.S. & Canada)

Piggy Paint

Kid-friendly, all natural, water-based polish from Piggy Paint is the easiest way to add a splash of color and a whole lot of fun to Valentine’s Day. Give an All The Heart Eyes gift set and let kids dress up the occasion with three colors of polish and nail heart stickers.

Shop online at and (U.S. only)
Retailers include Target (U.S. only)


Pipsticks Sweet Things Scratch ‘N Sniff strawberry-scented stickers are as cute and sunny as your honey. Mix and match from a wide variety of beautiful, bright valentine-themed stickers and be ready with a surprise for every valentine on your list.

Shop online at (U.S. & Canada)

Raymond Geddes

A bouquet of Rose Pens from Raymond Geddes will go a long way for Valentine’s Day. With a mix of 24 light pink, pink, red and purple pens per display box, each order provides enough sweet petaled pens to set several hearts ablaze.    

Shop online at (U.S. only)

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