Adult-Onset Food Allergies Video: Relearning How to Shop, Eat, Socialize

in Food Allergy
Published: February 25, 2016

Have you or someone you know had a severe food-allergic reaction as an adult, completely out of the blue?

In this webinar produced for FARE, Allergic Living’s editor Gwen Smith delves into the details of living with adult-onset food allergies. From the steep learning curve over how to eat and socialize safely, to the confusion of friends and relatives, Gwen, who manages multiple food allergies, gets into the big issues in the video below. Included are:

  • Her own experience of being diagnosed with her first allergy in the 1990s, when there were no allergy labels and very little awareness.
  • From fear to denial: Some adults let food allergies stifle their social lives; others try to deny the risks and gamble with anaphylaxis. Finding the right place of precaution.
  • Key studies: from the high incidence of adult seafood allergies to new research that finds adult-onset allergies among all Top 8 triggers, including soy and milk.
  • Tips for adapting to diagnosis: Learning to navigate the new social, work and dining realities.
  • Gaining confidence and control, by being prepared and knowing how to effectively communicate your needs to others.

NOTE: At 8:25, 30:36 and 30:53, the audio on this presentation cuts out briefly. It returns after one minute or less in each case.

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