Inside the Peanut-Tainted Cumin Recalls: What Happened?

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Published: February 14, 2015

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As the contaminated cumin recalls continue, the best course of action for peanut- and nut-allergic individuals is to keep apprised of the recalled brands and, when in doubt, contact the manufacturer.

If a reaction to a cumin-containing product is suspected, it should be reported to your local FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator. If you spot a product that is included in the recalls on a grocer’s shelves, you should report it to the store and to the FDA.

For more details on products affected by the recalls, including lot numbers and label photos, see the chart below. Check the official FDA and USDA recalls pages at FDA main recalls page and USDA FSIS Main Recalls page.

(Recalls Chart includes information up until April 17, 2015)

Cumin Recalls List for Peanut or Almond

Company Name

Key Brands

Product Type Recalled

Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients Adams products, and Earl Campbell Spices and seasonings
Adams Flavors, Foods and Ingredients Private Selection Bread crumbs
Agri Star Meat & Poultry Aaron’s Best Beef franks
Aleias Gluten Free Foods, LLC Aleias Gluten Free Croutons
America’s Best America’s Best Cumin powder
B&G Foods* Ortega and Las Palmas Taco spices, kits and sauces
B&M, Inc. Target Archer Farms, and The Fresh Market Spices and seasonings
Badia Spices, Inc Badia Ground Cumin
Best Foods, Inc Deer Ground Cumin
Bon Appetizers, LLC Cuisine Innovations, Ridgecrest and Culinary Secrets Chicken Products
Buffalo Provisions Brooklyn Cured, El Casero, and La Centro Americana Chicken chorizo
Campos Foods Rockin’ Roasted Chicken
Clemens Food Group Hatfield Pork ribs
Con Yeager Spice Company Numerous brands including Burning Asphalt Sauces, Naser Foods, Shop N Save, Trader Horn and more. Click for full list. Spice and seasonings
Condies Food Inc. Condies Foods, Dr. J’s Salsas
Daniel Weaver Company Yörük Brand Beef sausage
Franklin Farms Franklin Farms Veggie burgers
Fresh Food Manufacturing Co. Giant Eagle Market District, and Good Cents Chili
Garcia Foods Hill Country Fare Pork sausage
Garden Lites Garden Lites, and Classic Cooking Veggie products
Goya Foods Inc. Goya, and Kirby Brand Black bean products
Hausman Foods Hausman Foods Beef and pork
HEB Meat Center HEB Meats Pork
Heywood’s Meat Haus & Provision Co. Heywood’s Provision Company Pork shoulder
Holiday Foods Holiday Foods Beef, chicken and pork products
Jardine Foods D.L.Jardines, Shotgun Willie’s Chili Mix
J&B Sausage Co. Cajun Hollar Brand Chicken
J&B Sausage Co. Various “Fully Cooked” products and more. Click for product labels. Beef and chicken
Kabob’s Acquisition, Inc. Kabobs Beef & chicken
La Flor Products Co. La Flor Ground cumin
Maya Overseas Food, Inc Maya Overseas Food Cumin powder
MorningStar Farms MorningStar Black bean burgers
Morrison Meat Packers Vida Latina, El Toro Cooked pork products
NAC Foods Co. Mimi’s Products, and Rosa Maria Ground cumin
Raja Foods SWAD Cumin powder
Reily Foods* Carroll Shelby, and Wick Fowler brands Chili seasoning
REO Spice & Seasoning, Inc. REO Country Style Chili seasoning
Sentry Food Solutions Sabor Latino Beef & chicken
Shirk’s Meats Shirk’s Meats Pork sausage
Spice N’More Casablanca, Salma, Spice Class, La Mina, Leader Meret, All Island Spice, Key Food, and H Harvest Cumin powder
Taj Ethnic Gourmet Taj Ethnic Gourmet Spices and seasonings
TEN BC LLC Tommy’s Superfoods Santa Fe Rice
The Spice Mill The Spice Mill Chef’s Choice Ground cumin and seasoning
US Foods US Foods Beef fajita strips
Whole Foods Market Numerous items prepared with a supplier’s peanut-contaminated ground cumin spice. Click for full list. Multiple food, meat and spice products
Zenobia Company LLC My Spice Sage Ground cumin
Zilk’s Foods LLC Zilks Hummus products

*These are part of an earlier recall for peanut and almond contamination in cumin spice. One official said it does not appear to be part of the same series of cumin recalls, but be aware of those recalled items too.

Note: There has also been an allergy recall on Spiceco’s Pride of Szeged brand of “sweet Hungarian paprika” due to peanut contamination. This paprika product has also been recalled by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for the same reason.

Important Note: Under U.S. labeling rules, a product’s ingredients list can simply say “spices” or “flavors”. If a product that’s spiced doesn’t not specify “cumin”, that doesn’t mean cumin isn’t present. It may be hidden behind the more general terms. Cumin is part of many spice blends such as chili powder and curry.

See also: March 20, 2015 cumin recall in Canada.