New Blood Test Could Diagnose Celiac Disease

in Celiac
Published: January 9, 2014

A new, non-invasive blood test under development could represent a huge step forward for celiac disease diagnosis.

In a recent study, the test was found to correctly identify the autoimmune condition in 85 percent of participants, and also correctly identified 100 percent of patients who did not have celiac disease.

The test is being developed by ImmusanT, a biotechnology company whose aim is to develop “a treatment, and a set of diagnostic and monitoring tools to manage patients with celiac disease.”

In a study looking at the test’s effectiveness published in Clinical & Experimental Immunology, participants underwent an oral gluten challenge, which involved ingesting gluten three mornings in a row, and had their blood taken before and after the challenge.

This is much more convenient than the weeks or months of gluten ingestion required at present to confirm a celiac diagnosis. Currently, the only way to truly diagnose celiac disease is via an invasive intestinal biopsy.

While promising, more studies and regulatory approval are needed before this test will be available at the doctor’s office.

Read the full study here.