Milk Allergic Kids Found Peanut Sensitive

in Food Allergy, Milk & Egg
Published: April 11, 2011

DPT Vaccine and Milk Allergy Concerns

Also at the conference, Dr. Sampson expressed concern about allergic reactions to the DPT (diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus) vaccine seen in seven milk-allergic children at his Mount Sinai clinic in New York City.

He does not know whether these are isolated cases, but wanted other physicians to be aware of these reactions as trace amounts of milk protein do appear to have caused these highly allergic children to react to the shots.

While the allergists at Dr. Sampson’s clinic did not have access to the vials of vaccine administered to these children, his team tested two vials with highly sensitive equipment. “One of them clearly had milk protein in it.”

“We’re looking at other [vaccine] lots to get an idea of whether it’s a very uncommon phenomenon or not,” he said. “But we were struck by the fact that just in our practice we had seven patients who had these severe reactions and we believe it is due to contamination of milk protein in this vaccine.”

If you have concerns about the DPT vaccine and your milk-allergic child, be sure to consult with your allergist.