Food Allergy Mom’s Advice On: Creating a School 504 Plan

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Published: August 23, 2021

Heading into a school meeting to talk about food allergy needs for your child can feel daunting. But food allergy mom and blogger Megan Lavin is here to help in this Megan’s Minute video.

Megan has had 504 disability plans for her two sons with food allergies since each was in kindergarten. Add into the equation that her family has moved and changed schools several times, and as you’ll see in the video – she knows a lot about the 504 process.

Covered in the Video:

  • How to get past being nervous about meeting top school officials, and to ask for what you need to keep your child safe at school. The silver lining of food allergies is that through the 504 planning process, she really learned how to advocate for her sons.
  • How to start the meeting with the principal, teacher and others off on the right foot. Tips to communicating that you’re informed, professional and approachable.
  • The specifics of 504 plans for Megan’s sons – from handwashing to eating, desk cleaning and safe treats protocols. She also covers: medication carrying and storage, which staff are trained on using epinephrine, and the process to follow in case of an allergic reaction. (Please note: students’ individual food allergy accommodation needs will vary, as will school settings. Megan’s 504 approach simply offers excellent points to consider and compare against.)
  • Megan’s own role in assisting the teacher to keep the classroom safe. “I try to make sure it goes both ways, and that I am also willing to help,” she says.
  • Her team approach includes: responding promptly to teacher questions, and setting a positive tone for teachers that allergies are manageable.
  • The importance of role-playing scenarios with children, so they’re refreshed on what to do to stay safe. Plus, on what to do and who to speak to if they think they might be having a reaction.
  • Importantly, how to instill confidence in a child about managing their food allergies.

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