Getting Enough Fiber on the Gluten-Free Diet

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Published: July 2, 2010

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Increasing Your Fiber Intake

• Do it gradually. Start with a small amount and slowly increase it, to prevent major abdominal pain and gas.

• Increase consumption of fluids, especially water.

• When choosing gluten-free flour mixes or recipes, opt for ones with high-fiber flours and starches,
like those shown.

• Add oat bran, rice bran, ground flax or mesquite flour to baked products, pancake batter or hot cereals.

• Use brown rice, wild rice, buckwheat, quinoa or teff in salads or pilafs instead of white rice.

• Add chickpeas (garbanzo beans), kidney beans or other bean varieties to casseroles and salads.

• Make soups with lentils, split peas and/or beans.

• Choose high-fiber snacks such as nuts, seeds, dried
fruits, popcorn, gluten-free snack bars (with dried
fruits, nuts and seeds), raw vegetables and fruits.

• Add dried fruits, nuts or seeds to hot cereal, salads, stir-fry dishes, muffins, cookies and breads.

• Eat whole fruits and vegetables rather than drinking juice.

Shelley Case, RD, is an international celiac nutrition expert, consulting dietitian and author of Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide. See Shelley Case is on the advisory boards of the Canadian Celiac Association, the Celiac Disease Foundation and the Gluten-Free Intolerance Group. The editors at Allergic Living additionally highly recommend her book Gluten-Free Diet, a vital resource for those interested in celiac disease and living gluten-free.