Managing Allergies

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Coming Home to Allergy Perils

It was a shock to learn that nuts had become a staple of my family’s diet. Back from college for COVID-19, I had to be on alert.

Tips for Dating in College

Beware the food allergy perils in boozy parties and hook-ups. But you can find a date who finds you interesting, allergies and all.

I Had COVID-19 With Asthma

Within 3 days, the virus took hold, with fever and difficulty breathing. As someone with asthma, the specter of hospitalization hung over each hour.

Dairy Allergy Rocked My World

The milk allergy diagnosis as an adult was a shocker. At first I felt desperate, but then I got busy working on my “new normal”.

Judith and Jaythan standing in a park with an allergy awareness sign.

Finding Inclusion at the Park

I lobbied for allergy signs in our city’s parks. My son was thrilled to hear – we got our signs!

Matt Barber in New Jersey.

Not All Ambulances Have Epi

Not all ambulances have epinephrine and not all first responders can use it, as this writer learned the hard way.