Emily Brown | Black Families in Food Allergy Need to be Heard

26 June 2020
By Allergic Living
Jen Jobrack
Emily Brown

In the first of our series on racial disparities in food allergies, Emily Brown of Food Equality Initiative speaks on: food insecurity and shortcomings of the food bank system for those with allergies and celiac disease. She also identifies the urgent need to prioritize Black and minority patients in food allergy research, advocacy and programming. Ms. Brown says: “Above all, we want to be heard. There’s a sense of not being heard.”

Emily Brown is the founder and CEO of Food Equality Initiative. The Kansas City-based nonprofit provides allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods to food-insecure families through its food delivery service. As well, FEI works to fix the charitable food system so that medically necessary foods get into the hands of those who need them. 

Host Jen Jobrack is a nationally known food allergy expert, who has worked for the allergy community in areas of public policy, legislation, education and awareness-raising. Her legislative work includes campaigns such as access to epinephrine in the schools. Jen is the founder of Food Allergy Pros.

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