Aleasa Word | Food Allergy & Healthcare Bias: A Black Mom’s Experience

30 June 2020
By Allergic Living

In Episode 2 of Allergic Living’s series on racial disparities in food allergies, emotional intelligence coach Aleasa Word explores: the healthcare experience of Black food allergy parents. She begins with her own encounter with a patronizing ER doctor as her daughter suffered anaphylaxis. She notes: “If you are facing a life-threatening situation, wouldn’t you be upset if you weren’t heard? But when I get angry, I become a threat. My skin makes me a threat. Why is that acceptable?”

Ms. Word offers advice for doctors to open the lines of trust with patients, and she explains how to be a better ally to those in the Black community. She brings passion and actionable steps to the disparities conversation. 

Aleasa Word is an emotional intelligence coach, diversity strategist consultant and trainer. She has a background in conflict resolution, trauma and organizational behavior. Her company website is As a food allergy advocate, she is founder of

Host Jen Jobrack is a nationally known food allergy expert, who has worked for the allergy community in areas of public policy, legislation, education and awareness-raising. Her legislative work includes campaigns such as access to epinephrine in the schools. Jen is the founder of Food Allergy Pros.

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