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NEWS August 2023 
College Roommates: How to Have the Food Allergy Talk

College Roommates and
Food Allergies: How to
Get This Right

College is an exciting time of life. But when moving into a dorm, you're often paired with a roommate who's new to you – and food allergy management. We get key insights from allergic students on how to communicate, stay safe – and get college living off to a great start. READ
Is Your Allergic Teen Taking Risks, Avoiding Food Allergy Rules?

Food Allergic Teens
Who Take Risks:
What You Need to Know

As a parent, you've led the charge on food allergy rules and epinephrine-carrying. Then your allergic teen has a severe reaction – and didn't have an epi! What is going on? In this eye-opening article, experts explain what we've recently learned about allergic teens and risk-taking. READ

Auvi-Q May
Enjoy Life Foods
Back-to-School with Food Allergies: 8 Tools for Success

Back to School with Food Allergies: 8 Essential Tools

Off to school with food allergies means covering a lot of bases. We round up our 8 must-read posts to help you and your student succeed: • The 504 plan and food allergy rights. • Food management - from cafeteria to classroom. • Meet with the school – effectively. • Epinephrine: easy access, not lock and key.

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Allergy-Friendly Ice Cream Challenge: Who Will Win?

Allergy-Friendly Ice Cream
Challenge: Who Will Win?

Contributor Megan Lavin and her 2 distinguished judges conduct to a 2-round taste test on allergy-friendly frozen desserts. Who will her boys pick as the winners? Drum roll, please!

Video 1: Ice Cream Challenge

Video 2: Sorbet Challenge


Adina Act: the Big Push to Label Drugs for Allergens, Gluten

Illinois Passes Law Capping Price of Epi Auto-Injectors at $60

Family Files DOT Complaint, Says Teen Humiliated Over Allergy

FDA to Advocacy Group: 'Added Sesame' Not a Violation

This Allergic Life
Watermelon Cake: Refreshing, Stunning and Top 9-Free

The Awesome No-Bake
Watermelon Cake

Recipe creator Ashley Smith's Watermelon Cake is a Top 9-free healthy alternative to sugary desserts. Your guests will be wowed by the cake's beautiful presentation, while you'll love not having to turn on the oven. VIEW

More Allergic Living recipes here.

Alpha-Gal Allergy Surges, But Many MDs Unaware

Alpha-Gal Allergy Surges,
But Many MDs Unaware

Up to 450,000 Americans have alpha-gal syndrome, says the CDC. The allergy, caused by a tick's bite, triggers often severe reactions to red meat. Yet, a survey shows 42% of doctors had not heard of the growing allergy, and others weren't confident in diagnosing. READ


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