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NEWS August 2022 
At 4 Colleges, Food-Allergic Students Get Taste of Inclusion

Inside 4 Colleges That Excel at Food Allergy Training, Inclusion

To reveal what good college accommodations look like, Allergic Living reports on 4 universities. Their dining staff have undergone rigorous food allergy and gluten-free training. Allergic students describe “having so many options, it was beyond belief.” Meet the colleges that go above and beyond. READ

College Student Tips: Must-see advice for move-in. READ

Food Allergies at School: How to Get What You Need

Schools & Food Allergies: How to Get It Right

Gina Clowes is one of the top experts on allergy accommodations at school. She shares her wisdom on negotiating with administrators, getting a good 504 Plan, and when to be ‘that mom’ with the school. READ

New Peanut Allergy Test Reveals if Trace Amounts Risky or Not

Families Laud Results of
New Peanut Allergy Test

Families trying the new epitope test are excited by results that show how much peanut a child can eat before reacting.

After the test, and knowing a child's reactivity level, allergists are clearing some kids to eat the ‘may contain’ treats they’d never tried. One mom says: "The test has changed our family's life." READ

Big Crate 8
 Anaphylaxis Over Ocean: MD Finds No Epinephrine Vial in Plane’s Kit

Yet Again, No Epinephrine
for Allergy on a Flight

In an allergy emergency over the ocean, an MD finds a plane only has epinephrine for cardiac use. There was no vial in an allergy dose. Thankfully, she was skillful. READ

Plus, why key drugs can be missing from a plane's medical kit. READ


After Quebec Teen’s Allergy Tragedy, Parents Call for OIT Clinics

Is It Safe To Eat Calamari With a Shellfish Allergy?

Webinar: Dr. Stefano Guandalini on Conditions Related to Celiac

U.K. Trip Lessons: A Taste of Safer Dining Out

Eating Out with Allergies Safely [Allergy Mom Video]

Megan’s Minute Video:
How We Dine Out Safely

In her latest video, Megan Lavin explains how her family with multiple allergies eats out safely. She covers: checking out a restaurant, ordering and communicating. Plus, don’t miss her list of top ‘friendly’ restaurants. VIEW

Top 9-Free Tuscan Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

Winner, Winner, ‘Friendly’
Chicken Dinner

• Amanda Orlando’s beautiful Tuscan Chicken dish is top 9-free and requires just 5 ingredients. RECIPE

• See Mary Schaefer’s sublime Citrus Chicken Royale. It can be gluten-free or not, as fits your diet. RECIPE


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