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NEWS November 2021 
61 Allergy-Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

61 Thanksgiving Recipes:
Allergy-Friendly Has Never
Tasted Better!

With tons of gratitude for our readers, we bring you a list of 61 superb, Top 9-free recipes. From turkey breast roast, to amazing pies, cookies, stuffings and sides, find the menu pleasers to wow your crew. READ

Plus for Hanukkah: Braised Brisket

Anaphylaxis in the Air: MD Saves Woman, But Medical Kit an Issue

Hero Doc on Nut Allergy Plane Drama and Issues With In-Flight Med Kit

Dr. Amish Shah saved a woman having anaphylaxis on a flight. But he found the flight emergency kit a disorganized jumble. Lianne Mandelbaum analyzes the urgent need to ensure the right meds and equipment are in the kits. READ 

O'My Gelato
COVID-19 Shot Safe for Most PEG Allergy; Latinos See Asthma Flares

PEG Allergy and COVID-19 Vaccine: New Study

Polyethelyne glycol (PEG) has been a suspect in the rare cases of anaphlylaxis to COVID-19 vaccines. But a new study, presented at the ACAAI allergists' meeting, finds this doubtful. The study shows people with allergy to oral PEG preparations tolerated the vaccines – without allergic symptoms. READ

Rabbit Air
Enjoy Life Foods


Peanut Allergy Implicated in Teen's Death After Intimate Act

EpiPen Lawsuit Update: Final Settlement Expected Soon

Parenting Handout: 10 Top Tips for the Big Family Gathering

Zoom Conference: Celiac Disease, Hidden in Plain Sight

College News: Shortages Hurt Supply of Safe Foods on Campus

Baking with Kids: Chocolate Chip-Pumpkin Cookies

Baking with Kids: Chocolate Chip-Pumpkin Cookies

For her Kitchen Craft series, Ashley Smith creates easy Top 9-free cookies with the delicious fall blend of chocolate and pumpkin. Her assistant cookie-makers are her two sons. As she notes, baking together "is a wonderful opportunity for us to connect." GET RECIPE

Awkward Dining: When Food Allergies Turn Into Talk of the Table

Awkward Dining: When Food Allergy Talk Takes Over

Hannah Lank finds that informing the server of her allergies gets tricky in work situations. "It can stop the whole table's conversation, put all eyes on me, and cue irritating 'jokes'." Learn how she avoids this trap. READ

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