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NEWS August 2021 
Back to School With Food Allergies

Back to School:
Latest on Allergy
Issues for Fall 2021

As schools gear up to open with COVID-19 protocols, we get experts' advice on the big issues for kids with food allergies. From food in the class, to 504 rights and ensuring kids aren't rusty on allergy rules, what you need to know. READ

Colleges That Go the Distance for Students With Food Allergies

Colleges That Go Above and Beyond for Students with Food Allergies

Allergic Living takes an insider look at 4 standout colleges making it their mission to accommodate students with food allergies and gluten intolerance. From rigorous training to certified Top 8-free dining, these colleges go the distance. READ

Will Restaurants Still Welcome We the Allergic?

In the New Normal, Will Restaurants Still Welcome the Allergic?

As she refreshes her own food allergy skills, Julianne Ponan is concerned about dining out. Post-lockdown, will restaurants still cater to allergies, or just chuck the responsibility? READ

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University of Michigan
Teen Sues Hospital After Its Food Gave Her a Severe Allergic Reaction

Hospital Food Triggered Anaphylaxis, Teen Sues

Admitted to hospital to treat a severe food reaction, 15-year-old Kayla then suffers a second episode of anaphylaxis. This time to the hospital’s lunch. Learn about why she’s suing. READ


EpiPen Lawsuit Update: What Likely Settlement Means for You

COVID-19 Vaccines: All About Reactions Vs. Side Effects

80% Reached 7-Peanut Tolerance in 2 Years on Aimmune's OIT

Healthcare Providers Still Have a Lot to Learn About Celiac Disease

FARE's New Chair on Nonprofit's Research & Testing Priorities

Megan's Minute

Megan's Minute Video: Soccer, Snacks & Allergies

Do your allergic kids play play soccer or football? Then you no doubt have concerns about post-practice snacks. Allergy mom Megan Lavin is here to help, with great advice. READ

Allergy-Friendly Chocolate Chip Zucchini Bread

Best 'Friendly' Chocolate- Chip Zucchini Bread

Transform garden zucchini into a delicious dessert! In our recipe, rich chocolate and warm brown sugar pair with earthy zucchini for a moist and delicious loaf. Free of gluten and top allergens. GET RECIPE

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Our Strength E-mag!

Read the incredible tales of the food allergy community in our latest e-magazine: the mom with a system to let allergic kids be kids; the family who juggled OIT and COVID-19; a big win at school; the athlete facing food fears and more. Also: great Top 9-free recipes.

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