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Rights of Allergic Child Upheld in After-School Case

In a dispute that shows after-school programs can’t deny a child enrollment because she might need an epinephrine injection, a California family has settled for $118,000. The girl’s mother says: “She was pushed away from her friends and I could not explain to her why. That was the catalyst for this action; this was not OK.” read

Tragedy and Life Lessons 

It’s been a year and a half since Simon Katz, 16, died of a severe allergic reaction at a school bonfire.

His passing exacted a huge toll on friends as well as family. Two friends share what they wish they had known about food allergies, including what to do in a reaction, and the sense of guilt and remorse that they have lived with since. read


Living Gluten-Free

• Too Much to Digest?
Imagine popping a capsule so you could eat forbidden foods such as pizza or donuts. Not so fast, a reality check shows little science to back gluten digestive aid claims. read

• Disappointing Trial 
Beyond Celiac reports that patients who took a drug meant to protect against gluten exposures did not fare better than those on a placebo. read

4 Kids + 10 Allergies: Our Epic Road Trip

It was a daunting concept: a road trip with children with multiple food allergies. Sarah Boudreau-Romano, aka The Allergist Mom, tells us how she pulled off this East Coast adventure armed with a plan, coolers, wipes and her “vacation box” of tools. read

Facing Up to Food Fears 

Anxiety and phobias are consuming too many food allergy patients.

FARE’s Dr. James Baker argues that it’s time to get serious about addressing these psychological 
needs, including creating new evidence-based guidelines. read



EpiPen recall: Be sure to check lot numbers of your or your child’s auto-injectors.
College student faces charges in peanut butter hazing case in Michigan.
FDA approves dupilumab, the eczema therapy that is clearing skin and bringing itch relief.
Mouse study suggests that a common virus could be the culprit behind celiac disease. 
Food allergy awareness month is coming up! Get ready to advocate.

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