Winter 2019 – Canadian Order

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Cover Report

Relatives and Your Child – How to get through to family that this is a life-threatening condition – when they assume that you’re just too protective.


Advice to parents and teens on how to weigh the rewards and risks of vacation options, plus an allergy-friendly adventure to China; Broadway’s Wicked star navigates severe food allergies on the big stage; meet the people living with celiac’s list of sister conditions; our allergy-aware gift guide and much more.


Families push to close dangerous food labeling loopholes. Plus, sesame under review, and asthma therapy wins approval.

Ask the Allergists

Twins and nut allergy risks and introducing a toddler to seafood. Plus, will epinephrine be good or bad if left in a freezing car?


Our must-try festive spread features a hearty main and richly-flavored sides. Plus, traditional gingerbread cookies get a merry makeover and dairy-free, gluten-free pies.

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