Winter 2015 – U.S. Edition


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  • New Year, New Allergy Attitude: Start 2015 off right by learning how to talk the most effective allergy talk. 
  • Holiday Gift Guide: Sensational shopping ideas for the allergic and gluten-free ones on your list this year.
  • Renovating Your GF Diet: Move over white rice, it’s time to power up gluten-free mealtime with many incredible foods.
  • Role Model: Meet the teen advocate working the runway, and modeling allergy safety and awareness.
  • Nickel’s Digital Rash: We love our gadgets, but they’re giving us longer exposure to metal than ever before.
  • Truffles, Anyone?: Our rich chocolate morsels & cranberry-pumpkin bread recipes.
  • Allergy News: Peanut exposure via skin flaw linked to allergy, new culprit proteins in celiac, child’s in flight reaction and more.
  • Ask the Dermatologist: Dr. Sandy Skotnicki on how to handle lanolin sensitivity.
  • Feast of Fortune: Deliciously decadent dining: Pomegranate-glazed pork, stuffed mushrooms, savory sides and mi ni orange Bundt cakes.
  • The Food Allergy Experts: Experts answer your questions on when to test for EoE, spices and nut allergy, why asthma is linked with bad reactions and more.
  • Healthy Home: Wood, carpet or linoleum? Fabulous allergy-friendly flooring choices.
  • Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes on gaining a new perspective on food allergies.
  • Celiac Central: This is the year to speak up with restaurants, says NFCA President Alice Bast.
  • FARE Views: 2015 is the year to move awareness into action for food allergies.
  • Stealth Health: Blender recipes that taste divine, and are also good for you.
  • Plus, much more!



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