Winter 2014 – U.S. Edition


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  • Child’s Best Friend: The dog emerges as the unexpected protector against childhood allergies. Allergic Living gets inside the science and the theories of “why” this is so.
  • Immune Boosters: Rally your body’s defenses with nine wonder foods.
  • Belling Cat Allergy: Novel four-shot vaccine could end the misery of cat allergy.
  • All in the Family: When four out of five family members have celiac disease, life’s a challenge.
  • Hotel Havens: Allergic Living checks in to find fabulous hotels that accommodate allergies.
  • New School Guidelines: Federal document takes a detailed and inclusive food allergy position.
  • Allergy News: Stock auto-injector bill passes; anaphylaxis proves alarmingly common; ‘may contain’ woes and more.
  • Celiac Expert: Shelley Case is on a mission to enrich the gluten-free diet.
  • Out of the Box: Cybele Pascal’s outstanding holiday cookies, bars and biscotti recipes. Free of top allergens and gluten.
  • The Food Allergy Experts: The specialists on: when to use the auto-injector, C-sections and allergy risk, ‘failing’ a food challenge and more.
  • Healthy Home: Furnish the smart way, and lose the mites, mold and chemicals.
  • Parenting Coach: Gina Clowes’ advice for navigating the minefield that is food label reading.
  • Celiac Central: NFCA’s Alice Bast explains how to commit to being truly gluten-free in 2014.
  • FARE Views: John Lehr sees the new school allergy guidelines as pivotal progress.
  • Winter Greens: Hearty purple cabbage and kale star in sensational meal-worthy salad recipes.
  • Plus, much more!



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