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Cover Report

Eczema’s Care Revolution ­– Meet the researcher behind a new biologic drug, and the patients freed from lives of relentless itch. There’s the attorney who never slept and the harpist who couldn’t abide gowns and had to abandon her career. Now, they have lives they’ve never known.


Food allergies & your summer job; Thunderstorms & asthma; Celiac’s link to eating disorders and a personal story of living with OAS allergy.


Breast milk’s effect on asthma, the latest on the peanut patch, a virus is linked to gluten response, while smoking is seen to have a food allergy association.

Ask the Allergists

The experts tackle a softball player’s breathing, mosquito reactions, seafood and exercise and when to worry about peanut in ant traps.


Divine Mediterranean cobb salad, a wedge with edge, a taco-inspired dish and more summer fare. Plus sweet no-bake cheezecake mouse, 3-layer pretzel bars and a Caribbean cocktail flavored tart.

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